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People question your Trustworthiness & Reputation?
Facing rejections because you are unable to show your Credibility?
With Kretaro, you can now instantly show your Credibility i.e. your trust & your reputation to anyone, anytime, anywhere. It's like Aadhaar and CIBIL for your Trust and Reputation.
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An app to show your credibility1 to the world2 without proofs3

Credibility = Trust + Reputation (showing Authenticity, Reliability, Competence, Social Values)

World = Employer, Money Lender, Landlord, Date, Hotel Manager, Insurer

Proofs = Documents, Interviews, Resume, Certificates, Assessments, Tests, Verification, Reference

This is how life changes with Kretaro:


Want a quick loan? Why should, not having a financial history/CIBIL block you even when you have sound financial status and are ethical and honest?

the usual path

Finance Without Kretaro 3

kretaro credibility path

Finance With Kretaro 2


Looking for a job? Why should a Resume or a one time test define your employment credibility? Show the world how Competent, Reliable, Trustworthy & Authentic you are.

the usual path

Employment Without Kretaro

kretaro credibility path

Employment With Kretaro 1

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