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The Story

Ever wondered why you get anxious when you have to engage with new people or business? 

Bablu, just like 1000’s of people who move to a new city to make a career and settle down in life, had to go through a series of anxious events when he came to Bangalore.

In his home town, he is considered a very reliable, competent & trustworthy person with a good reputation but in a new city, there was no way to demonstrate it. He had to find ways to convince the landlord, the next-door neighbour, the gas cylinder vendor, the employer and many more. At times he had to produce documents and at times get people who he knew to vouch for him. It worked at places and at some, it was just frustrating. He had to face many rejections.

The reasons he got for rejection—

REJECTED!! We don’t know anything about you, how can we trust you.
REJECTED!! It is a difficult job, how do we know you are capable.
REJECTED!! What do people think of you? Your reputation may not be good.
REJECTED!! How do we know you are genuine, you may not be authentic.

& so on…

More than the rejection the time wasted & the process became a nightmare for him. Without any other means, it is an accepted norm in life whether we want a loan or need a job or for college enrollment or in a relationship or availing insurance.

He came up with few solutions so that he can avoid the frustration and the feeling of self-rejection:

  • Applied to 100 of jobs, with a hope that he would get calls from a few.
  • Stayed in a hostel instead of a rented house, because he did not want to deposit a large sum just so the owner does not need to trust.
  • Right swipe 1000’s of profiles on dating apps with the hope someone might take a chance.
  • Patiently waited with the hope that his loan application will be accepted.
  • Embellished the biodata to suite service providers.

There are millions of Bablu out there who are unable to show their credibility to avail basic life needs although they are credible.

Well not anymore, with Kretaro, Bablu & millions like him can give form to, grow and take with them, their hard-earned credibility and show it whenever, wherever and to whomever, they need to.

Credibility i.e. the Trustworthiness and Reputation of a person that they have earned through years of a good deed will now be given a recognition/a form/a face. All this so that we make it easier and less stressful for each of us to trust the other.

So, let your hard-earned Credibility get the power boost that it deserves.

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Our Vision

Make CREDIBILITY a universal currency that demonstrates Trust & Reputation.

The Problem & Why it Matters

Credibility is an important asset we own. Unfortunately, credibility is not always easy to prove, measure, port and take with us, especially to a new environment. This limits our ability to access opportunities to trade and to be accepted in circles where we have not been before. Documents, References, Assessments, Interviews, Credit scores etc help, but they are more of a hit and trial & easily influenced by bias, gut feeling, processes & first impressions. This causes a lot of worthy people to fall out & face rejection.

Credibility = Trust + Reputation

Our reputation is built on how we have made people feel, how we have acted with them. The payment of rent on time, feedback from a recruiter we interviewed with, how we interact with our colleagues, the service providers, our clients among others forms our personal style and defines our reputation. Over time facts about us when substantiated with data/documents and asserted at source build our trustworthiness. As humans are driven by anxiety and suspicion, we have built systems and processes that try to evaluate Trust & Reputation. These systems are not reliable and deprive millions of people fair access to financial services, job opportunities, peer to peer commerce.


Empower everyone actualize credibility leveraging technology and the power of people observation & data referencing. 

We want to create a decentralized, secure and consumer controlled data infrastructure that is scalable, robust and reliable.

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